Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sunday Quicky

 Today was a little bit of a wonky ride because of my timing with life and everything. Liz stopped by to see the barn on her way home from the horse park so we took the tour and worked on Fleck a bit. Which meant that by the time I got to Ashland, Kelli was mostly done with her ride. She had to get home fairly soon, so we went for a short hack. It was fun. Danny was good. On the way back up I hopped him over a few fences. 

He was really good but I really do need to focus on getting him rocked back and using his haunches and not just galloping towards the fences. He's so big strided that I don't quite realize how fast he's going nor how long his stride has gotten. We did the two novice skinny coops on a 3 stride. The first time through he actually sort of his the first one deep and underpowered so the out ended up being quite long. We tried again and jumped much bolder in. Too bold! Because then we ended up with a 2.5 stride line and the out was ugly. So then we tried again and ended up with a fairly nice 3 stride. Sure, it was tight, but it was much more balanced and easily dealt with. 

So yay! What a good boy. Then we headed back and I untacked because I needed to adjust Arwyn and Kelli had to head home. After that I still wanted to ride, so.. .we put the dressage tack on and went back in the ring. 

It wasn't an amazing ride, but it wasn't bad. Especially considering at that point neither of us was entirely convinced we were in the mood. But he was a good boy and we had fun. 

hack with kelli, then got back on for a quick flat ride

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