Monday, April 18, 2016

Enthusiasm Overload

Well that was a fun day!!

We met up with Kelli and had a fun time jumping. Danny was good. Quite good. We went through the grid a few times so I could work on me and straightness. Kelli said I looked pretty good but I still felt pretty wonky. But attempting to fix it. We even worked on our counter canter again. I can get him to hold it if I almost leg yield him instead of actually counter cantering. But... it's a start. Especially for the baby horse.

So then Judy met up with us and we headed out for a quick trip to the lake. Danny was acting fairly lazy in the ring (although maybe lazy is too harsh... quiet. Not lazy) but as soon as we hit the field he kept doing his little bouncies. He would squeal and then leap up with all four feet of the ground. He would land in the same spot and then carry on like nothing happened. Except he kept doing it. Repeatedly. Like 8 times in the short ride. So as we got back up to the top of the XC field, Kelli asked if we needed to go take a gallop. Ummmm... I think so!

So I turned him away from them and tried to keep him together long enough to get some distance between us. Hee heee. He barely kept it together long enough for us to get some space, but... then off we went. HOLY MOLY!!! That was the fastest we have even gone I think! I just grabbed the neck strap and attempted to steer. We went a second lap and then we ended up heading towards the lake. I figured we had enough so we headed back in to Kelli and Judy. He was actually quite behaved and we trotted the whole way back. He broke into the canter once, but only once. And our trot was a power trot, but it was a trot. 

Good baby boy!!

Oh, and before the gallop and the lake, He did hop up the BN/Novice bank and over the hogsback like a good boy. :) 

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