Thursday, January 7, 2016

Good Kid

So I noticed in my last two dressage lessons that Dannys' saddle (well, Fleck's saddle really) seemed to be starting to pinch him just a little. I think it's too narrow for him. Cindy confirmed it. ugh.... So now I guess I have to buy Dan his own dressage saddle. Sigh... 

Anyways... point being... today I rode and went for a hack with Peri and George. We were aiming to jump a little at the end, but Peri bailed on me. So we had a nice hack through the woods. Danny was mostly behaved although there were a few little humpy bumpies at the beginning. And then when we crossed the creek, he was so busy playing that Tess got in front. Well that pissed him off because once we started again he spent about 4 minutes almost biting her butt and then when that didn't get him anywhere he started antics underneath me. Lots of head flinging up, bouncing up in the air on all four, and threatening to rear. We let him go back in the front and he settled right down. Dingbat. I'm going to have to work on him being in the back again. Though interestingly enough, he's perfectly fine in the back with Liz. Well... maybe not. Maybe not at first. So...yep, will have to work on that. 

So then we finished our trail ride and Peri didn't want to go jump so I decided to do some flat work. He was brilliant!! I don't know if it was the jump saddle making it easier for him to work or the wonder bit creating a bit of an easier ride for me. Or if he was just being great because. But we had a lovely ride. He was almost even on the bit for the majority of the ride. We did some leg yields and even some more baby shoulder ins. And they were even nicer than Tuesday! We also had some lovely canters and even some canter/trot/canters across the diagonal. :)

Such a nice baby horse.... It will be interesting to see what he thinks about a medium tree dressage saddle. 

Really looking forward to showing this guy soon. :) 


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