Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dressage Super Star

Wow!! Danny was awesome today!! We had a great lesson. He's really getting REALLY Fun!! 

Cindy had me focus more on getting bend my wrapping him around my inside leg. But in order to do that she had me think about bringing my inside elbow back and around. Don't know why I don't do this, but instead I end up crossing his neck or pulling down. But the act of bringing my elbow back somehow puts my body in a great position to ask for inside bend. And it worked well. Danny responded.

We had some pretty decent work at the canter too. And despite having our issues getting the right lead again, we nailed our canter serpentines. :) I just have to focus on that elbow (which ultimately, puts my whole body in a better position somehow). 

Then Cindy had us try shoulder in. Eeeks!! But surpisingly... Danny did a pretty decent job with it. :) He slowed down a lot but considering if was our first real effort, I was pleased. 

So yep.. A great lesson. He's really starting to come together. I'm so glad that Cindy was willing to work with me and him. He's coming along so nicely, especially considering it's been me riding him! 

Love him!

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