Monday, October 5, 2015

Yet... he ALWAYS redeems himself

So yep.... He really is a good kid!

 Today was another cold, wet, and WINDY day. I took both kids to Ashland and decided to ride Dan first. That way I could go as long as Fleck wanted. (And in retrospect, it worked well because the deer were out spooking Fleck when it was his turn). However, it was fairly windy when I was tacking Dan up. And a bit cool. I almost thought about riding Fleck first, but Dan was so good at the trailer that I went for it. And he was great!!
He was wonderful. There was no spooking, no antics, no... anything. He was just good. We did some walking, some trotting, and some cantering. Ahhhh... I could canter that horse through the woods til the end of time. It's just... a mesmerizing canter. So big and powerful but rolling and rhythmical. Ahhhh... heavenly. He enjoys it too. 

Then we headed back in so I could ride Fleck. I think that Dan was happy to get out again though. I'll have to make an effort to make sure he keeps getting out so he doesn't get so bored. 


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