Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bring it!!

Baby horse was on the warpath today! It's a bit crisp outside today and was a bit chillier overnight than it has been. 

Dan came into the arena on his toes ready to dance! We had an "almost bolt" spin and then some other antics. And he was just a fire breathing dragon, rarin' to go. 

We tried to do some cantering over some poles but apparently Dan wasn't willing to let me collect his 18 foot stride so we did lots of 2.5 strides and jumps. Lots of tempi's without always being front and back.

But then we settled a bit. Of course we worked on collecting the right side on him too because it's not just Fleck I let get strung out and long on the right. And Danny was MAD!! We had lots of head flinging and pouting. But.... When I was really good about owning my elbows and staying consistent in the contact, he got much better.

SO.... Winter goal..... even steady contact. :) And work on canter poles. :) 

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