Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The good one...for a change! ;)

 Dan is a hoot. The weather has been awful so we went for another short hack with Judy and Cash. The trails were miserable wet and smooshy and the weather was frightful. So no pictures. But these were so cute they needed to be shared :)
We did have a fun ride with Judy. Despite the ickyness. We mostly walked but when we got to Twix and Tween we had a little trot. Judy let me go first. Then I asked if she was up for a canter because Danny was a little up and felt like he needed to expel some energy. And the footing there was pretty decent. Judy is normally game but she dropped her stirrups so I wasn't sure if she would be up for it. She was and it started out just fine. Danny started to get a bit bigger so I pulled him back a hair. Right then I heard Judy casually say "so... we're gonna need to stop here in a second". I turned around and Cash was porpoising and ready to buck and bolt! I managed to pull up Dan pretty quick and she got Cash under control. Hee hee. CASH!! That's so unlike him. Judy rode well and all was fine. But goodness! However, I was super proud of how Danny handled it. He was quite calm despite Cash's antics next to him. Maybe he was just surprised that someone else was being a fool! Hee hee. 
So then we got to the big field and Judy wanted a little canter round to prove to Cash that he had to behave. I let Dan graze and I don't think he even noticed or cared that Cash was cantering around. I figured I wouldn't let Dan have a turn because he was already a little up and the footing wasn't great. So we headed back in and there was no more antics. 

Such a good baby horse really!

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