Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pool Party!

 Had a GREAT day today!!! Danny's had... a week off?? Roughly. And he was good. I didn't even lunge him or anything. Just got on. He was pretty darn good. A few little antics, but nothing major. We did a little ring work, then went for a little trail ride with Kelli and Caitlin. He was a bit of a turd wanting to lead but then being scared and not wanting to go first. But we figured it out and he settled down, even when Moose led. We walked the ditches a few times and even went in the water. He did NOT roll. :) Yay! He pawed a storm, but didn't roll. :) Then we went up to the ring. Danny was a bit turdier there. ;) He put in a few leaps and spins, but I managed to keep him in line and not fall off. Then we headed back and I got off Dan and got on Fleck. 

Then after we finished with Fleck, I grabbed Dan and ponied him to the lake to celebrate some birthday fun :) They had a blast!!!

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