Monday, June 9, 2014

More Firsts!

I am one blessed girl!! I FREAKIN' LOVE this horse!! 
I got on Danny today and worked in the ring. He's really getting the hang of it. A few shoulder bulges but he's picking up on the leg means scoot over part. He's getting better about contact and we even did some reinback today. Our circles are more circlish ;) And we worked on lengthening and shortening the stride from my core and seat again and he was still good. 

So then I was running short on time so I asked the girls if they wanted to hit the lake with me. Kelli and Judy did so we all hopped off and stripped tack and got back on. Yes... I rode the 3 year old bareback on a trail ride for his...oh....7th ride back! And he was fantastic!! He didn't do anything naughty! We even trotted a little bit. 

We got to the lake and I pulled my boots off and let him go in. He walked in and was trying to get Cash to play for a bit. Then he decided to go out for a swim. Eeeks!! He went in... and then went farther.. and then we were swimming!! It took him a minute to figure out how and he did that rearing sea horse thing! I got off and then got back on before he got to the shallow area. Once he got his feet underneath him he quit boinging up. Hee hee. SO MUCH FUN!! He had water in his ears and kept shaking his head and holding them sideways. Hee hee. But after about 10 minutes he was back to playing. Yay!!! He's gonna be a blast every summer, but I will definitely have to pull my tack off or plan on doing lots of conditioning of said tack. ;)
After we played a bit longer I had to run because of work. I grabbed my boots and put them back on. Kelli and Judy wanted to stay, so Dan and I headed home. He was good. He went willingly and didn't stop or have a fit. We even trotted some more. I almost cantered him but decided not to push my luck. We made it home with no incident. 

Such a good baby!!!! :) :) :)

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