Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Saying good-bye to 2013

Well Dannaroo, it's been a great year! What an amazing little superstar I have!! I'm really looking forward to 2014, when Danny turns 3 and I can officially start working him. He's going to be so much fun!!

To finish off the year, I hauled him and Fleck to Ashland for some fun. Danny hung out on the trailer eating alfalfa while Fleck and I did some dressage. Then it was Danny's turn. Fleck got to stay and eat alfalfa while Dan and I went out. I put him in his surcingle and long lines and off we went. He was pretty brave and strode out nicely. We trotted some and headed to the lake. They have fake geese out there and at first Danny was a little snorty. He settled pretty quickly though and bravely walked up and sniffed the one on the ground. Good boy! So we carried on and headed back up to the great Northern. As we were heading down the path to get back to the XC field, Danny noticed the cars on the road ahead. They are kind of up the hill and it was just starting to get dark so some had lights on. Danny was freaked out!!! He was so scared that he was shaking. He was about 18 hands tall and nostrils flared, eyeballs wide as they could be! I walked up to his head and tried to calm him down. It took quite a few tries, but finally, few steps by few steps, we were able to walk down the path and get to the bridge. Once we got a few steps before the bridge, he seemed to realize they weren't eating him and took a deep breath and barged on ahead.  Good boy!

We trotted up the hill in the XC field after taking a brief break in the water complex. Then as we headed back to the trailers, he heard Fleck and got a bit pushy about heading home. I was sort of half debating lunging him some anyways, so I took him back out to the field and made him lunge. He was a bit excited so we started with some cantering. ;) But he settled nicely and gave me some really good trots on the hill. When we headed back in the second time, he was a gentleman and stopped when I stopped everytime. 

He's a smart cookie! We ended up doing 1.5 miles during our long line session. He's going to be my motivation to help get me fit. I figured lots of long lining in 2014 to help me do my runs. :) 

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