Monday, January 13, 2014

Sassy Pants!

Goofball!! Both boys were hoots today! I loaded both up after they have had at least two weeks off. Danny loaded right up like a champ and off we went. He stayed on the trailer munching alfalfa while Fleck and I did dressage and then some galloping in the XC field. Then it was Dan's turn. He was filthy so I brushed him off as best as I could. I really think that white butt of his is going to be hard to keep clean! I tacked him up in his long line gear and off we went.
He was a bit of a turd quite frankly! He was much less brave today than usual. I had to go to his head a few times today but he didn't balk as much. But overall he was good. Feisty too - quite a few cantering and bucks thrown in there. We ended up doing 2.28 miles though and were out for 40 minutes. And he crossed the little damn behind the parking lot on his own this time. Granted we were going the other direction, but still. 

He's such a goober! 
Video of Sassy Pants himself 

More Danny long lining 

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