Monday, January 14, 2013

Saddled up!

So.... yesterday we did more round pen work and he was pretty good. He's starting to figure out the whole walk forward vs walk in a circle. But I can't quite figure out what to do when he starts to go faster! Must remember to ask Beth about that. He did quite a few bolts though... Naughty boy! The chickens were playing in the woods and being quite spooky, but still. Then we also did some trotting in hand and he's much more gentlemanly than last year. ;)

Today I groomed him (though with all this warm weather and rain, he is FILTHY!) and then put Fleck's jump saddle on him. With a pad and a fleecy pad.. just like Fleck. I girthed it up... with Flecks girth... And it fit! Mostly.. I mean, it wasn't tight enough to ride in, but it was tight enough that it didn't slide around without any weight in it and there was no gaps or hanging. And it was on the same hole that it's on with Fleck!!!! Egads!!! Now granted... Fleck's is tight enough to ride in, but Danny wasn't too far off. But he didn't mind it. We even did a teeny bit of lunging and walking around and he didn't care. Then I dropped the stirrups and flapped them around...and he didn't care. Then we trotted in hand with the stirrups down and he didn't care. :) Such a good kid.....

Man I love my boys!!!

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