Thursday, October 27, 2016

Quickie at home

My lesson with Beth didn't happen today, which was fine, as I needed to catch up on work stuff. But I also really wanted to ride. So I tried to do both. Which didn't really work. I decided to make the time and ride at home, but I managed to only leave myself an hour to tack up, ride, untack, turn out, change clothes, and grab food. Doh! But better to have a 20 minute ride than no ride. :)

Danny was a wild hooligan again! The neighbors were working on cleaning up the trash (yay!!!) but that meant that Danny was jumpy. And Fleck kept calling for him, as I had left him in the barn. But.. we coped. We managed to get some nice work and some slight hill work. So... better than nothing. :) 


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