Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baby's first shoes

Sniff sniff... My baby is growing up!! 

Danny was lame the past few days. I'm a bad mommy and had skipped a trim on him and then we skipped a second trim because of timing with Fleck and a missing shoe, etc. So.. his feet looked awful. And that caused the crack to grow up from where he had the chunk taken out of his lateral heel awhile back. So it was like a hang nail and being spread apart every time he walked. Poor kid. So... the farrier came out and I was expecting to just trim it back like last time. But with all the mud and rain... we decided it would be better and heal quicker if we put on a bar shoe. So.... Dan got shoes. He was a fidgety little guy for the whole trim session, but other than that, he was great. He didn't freak out about the forge and he didn't even react when the shoes were nailed on. It was more just fidgety bored baby. :) 

So... I'm hoping we can pull his shoes off once that heals and he can go back to barefoot for awhile. I can't afford both him and Fleck!


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