Sunday, November 3, 2013

I couldn't resist....

Man... I knew this was going to be hard! I decided to hop on Dan again today. I've got another baby lesson with Beth tomorrow and I thought that it might behoove me to hop on again, just in case that's what we do tomorrow too. THEN he can get the rest of the Winter and Spring off. I was thinking he was done already, but I couldn't resist one or two more rides. He's just so fun! And he didn't disappoint.
I lunged him first and he was mostly unexcited about it. Can't say I blame him. ;) Then I tacked him up and we headed back down to the round pen. I got on and off we went. No naughtyness really. He acted like he sort of wanted to maybe get a little humpy but he never did. We turned both ways, halted, and trotted! The tough part with him is going from the trot to the walk. He wants to then immediately stop. Same with on the lunge line. I need to remember to immediately close my leg and keep him walking. He's quick to go back to the walk, but he always wants to stop from the trot. Hey, it could be worse right?! :) 
After about 5 minutes in the ring, I sidled him up to the gate and we opened it and I let him out in the back pasture. We did a little bit of balking but really not bad. We walked up the hill, which took him a minute to figure out. Then we even did a teensy bit of trotting in the pasture too! GOOD PONY!!!!

Man.. his trot is really fun. I am having a hard time waiting!!!! Next Summer is going to be fun and the year after is going to be even more fun!!!

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