Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So long sweet summer

Dan and Fleck and I hit the trails again today. Dan was REALLY good! I swear, sometimes I think he speaks English. We started out in the XC field and Lucy was driving around. He was good but started to get a bit cheeky, being out in the open field. I told him to behave himself so that Lucy would continue to let me bring him. And he settled down and behaved. Then we hit the woods and he was so much better than last time. He only chewed on his lead rope a few times and when I pulled it out of his mouth.. he got the hang of it and quit trying. And he stopped and planted... and after about 10 seconds, he yielded to pressure and carried on. He tried it a handful more times, and each time, the planting lasted less and less time. By the middle of the ride, he would move on as soon as the lead started to get taut. AND... we crossed four creeks with only a plant at the first one. And that was farther back, not even at the creek. So whoo hooo! Progress!! I don't think he's scared.... I think he's stubborn. Ha!! Imagine that!! But he's smart too and figured out that it's not working, so why bother.

Then I was giggling at him and Fleck because anytime Dan got a smidge ahead of Fleck's barrel, Fleck would whip back with her GRRRR face and snarl at Dan. Hee hee... I couldn't help it.. .it was funny. Even though Danny really didn't deserve it today. I don't think he chewed on Fleck once!

So we did a smidge of trotting but Fleck's other hind shoe became loose, so... we walked the rest of the way. I told Dan he needed to pay attention to the scenery because one day it would be just me and him and he had to be on the look out so he could protect me like Fleck does. And Darn if he didn't... he seriously started looking around. He almost even spooked at the waterfall! And not that I want him spooky... but I think he focuses on just Fleck and it doesn't dawn on him to pay attention. To the point that when it's just him and I... I get the feeling the trails are going to suddenly be scary because he didn't pay enough attention when we are out ponying. We'll see though.... who knows!

Anyways... after our trail ride I did a little bit of in hand work. He was decent... especially considering it's been awhile. He is really good about staying with me at the walk, but once we start trotting, he still gets carried away. But he was better... I stuck to a nice slow jog and he did pretty good... aside from the sudden blow to my thigh. I honestly don't know where it came from... not sure if it was aimed at me or I was just in the way of a "dance move".... ??? It didn't hurt bad, but he got backed up halfway across the ring... and through the water puddle I might add. :) Which, earlier he had walked through without skirting around it, so yay.

So we finished on a good note, he loaded right up and home we went. It was a good day!

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