Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Making Peace

 Today was another hard day. Same reasons. But I'm finding the good. I took heathen 1 and heathen 2 to the vet school today. Funny got her recheck and she is cleared for turn-out. Thank God because I wasn't sure we could do even one more night! And Dan ... well... Dan looked great! Dr. Eggleston was like "wow.. he looks good". But then he was ever so slightly lame on the right front. And when he flexed his right hind distal limb... you know... like the fetlock we injected 2 weeks ago.... he was a dramatic positive still. We were both like... "Wait, what?!". We basically kind of decided that if he feels good under saddle... just keep on keeping on. Then we got x-rays of his feet because I feel like they are a little bit far in front of him. Turns out, they're pretty much perfect. Dr. Eggleston said he wouldn't change a thing. So.... yeah. But both of them were feral today! Dan even reared up for the trotting on the lameness exam. Both him and Funny were screaming and pawing at their stalls. I'm sure UGA was glad to discharge us! 

So then I brought them both home and turned everyone out. Then I changed clothes and grabbed Dan and headed to Ashland to ride with Kelli. I was hoping we could do a little hack but she ran out of time. And I kind of needed a little bit of a dressage school to take my brain off things. And Dan was super! Yet again. He was kind and tried and just... was awesome. We had a great ride. We ran through our test for Pine Top a few times and it was pretty good. We played with the canter and the lateral work and even played with collecting the canter a little bit. Then we went to the cross country field and cantered to the lake and then walked back. And again... Dan makes me happy and life better again. I do love this special guy. 

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